Maru Wildlife Park

The Maru Wildlife Park on Phillip Island allows visitors to observe and interact with various Australian wildlife in a natural setting.

Phillip Island

Maroo Wildlife Park is an excellent place for a day trip. Take the Phillip Island Tour, enjoy the natural beauty of the island, and get up close with some Australian animals.

Maru Koala and Animal Park

Maru Koala and Animal Park are your tickets to an ace time! Nestled in the stunning places of Phillip Island, famed for its ripping beaches and vibrant local vibes, it's a beautiful spot to immerse yourself in Aussie outdoor life whilst getting cozy with the adorable locals calling Oz home.

This beautiful park includes the chance to cuddle up to a koala, feed a rare and stunning albino roo by hand, take a wander with a couple of dingoes, and yarn with the bright and chatty parrots. If cold-blooded mates are more your thing, you can beeline to the snake house to see a python.

Maru Wildlife Park isn't just about meeting the animals; it's also about feeding them, including the joeys, by hand. With a mob of Aussie icons like wombats, Tassie Devils, and wallabies to keep you busy, you're in for a fair dinkum experience.

The park's full of keeper yarns throughout the day, where the savvy guides spill the beans on the animals, dishing up facts about their backstories, digs, and quirks. It's a top-notch way to get the lowdown on Australia's wildlife straight from the horse's mouth.

Ideal for photographers

For all you keen photographers, Maru Wildlife Park is a dream spot. The park's serene, with lush greenery and picture-perfect settings offering endless snap opportunities, whether it's the critters or the stunning scenes. The 'Close Encounters' are gold for getting snug with the animals for some National Geographic level snaps and getting the goss on the park's rescue and rehab efforts.

An exploration beyond animals

But Maru's not all about the animal antics. It dishes up a ripper day for the whole family with a Mini-Golf Adventure set on its beautiful grounds. Styled like a pirate ship, the 18-hole course is a cracker way to chill in the arvo before heading to the Homestead Bistro for a feed of seasonal goodies.

Post-grub, wander through the park's winding paths, ducking into landscaped nooks and soaking in the stunning views the park is famous for.

Phillip Island Tour

Activities available at Maru Wildlife Park.

Cuddle a Koala

Maru's koalas are star attractions, perched up trees munching on eucalyptus leaves. Stroll along the boardwalk to get close or step into their pad with the keepers for a cuddle.

Hand Feed Kangaroos

Visitors to the Maru Wildlife Park can hand-feed kangaroos and interact with them up close, including baby kangaroos known as joeys.

Sheep Shearing

But there are not only wild critters at Maru. They've got livestock, like sheep, showcasing regular sheep shearing shows. You can watch the local wool handler at work, learning about the shearing process and the wool's journey post-shear.

Dine at the Bistro

After a day of critter sightseeing, drop by the on-site Bistro for a feed. Serving brekkie and lunch, the joint dishes up an array of tasty grub to satisfy all appetites. Open daily, it's a top spot for a morning bite or an arvo treat, using only local produce for a seasonal menu. With specials for kids, families, and seniors, it's a bang-up spot for a budget-friendly bite amidst Phillip Island's attractions.

Mini Golf

Had your fill of wildlife? Crack into a game of mini golf with the littlies. Pirate Pete's Mini-golf transports you to a buccaneer's world, hunting for treasure across 18 holes, a beaut challenge that'll take you through Aussie landscapes – beach, bushes, and outback in one hit.

Hold a Snake

Swap your scarf for a python at Phillip Island Wildlife Park. Maru's snakes are always keen for a cuddle, offering a chance to face your fears and feel the smooth scales as these beauties slither around your shoulders.


Visitors can participate in animal handling activities and contribute to conservation projects to protect native wildlife.

Pirate Festival

Plan your visit to Maru Koala and Animal Park's annual pirate festival for a mix of wildlife and fest fun. With stalls, grub, and entertainment, it's a day of pirate-themed merriment for all ages, complete with dress-ups, rides, and plenty of loot!